Astrid Lindgren's World

Astrid Lindgren's World is the place where stories become reality. The park is filled with imaginative playgrounds and performences which are inspired by Astrid Lindgren's children's books. Visit Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lönneberga, Ronia the Robber's Daughter among others. When the hunger sets in you can sit down with a picnic basket that you brought along or you can visit one of the parks restaurants where classic food from Småland is being served.


The Film Village Småland

Astrid Lindgren was born and grew up in Småland and it was this region that inspired many of her books. It was also here that many of the movies were recorded. In Filmbyn Småland (the Film Village Småland) you can experience recording studios from the classic movies. Memories from the filming gets told, requisites are being shown and the children get the opportunity to dress up. See Ronia's castle, Pippi's kitchen and Emil's carpenter shed.



Eksjö is one of Sweden's best kept wooden towns. It has existed since the 15th century and it has endured everything from plague and war to fires. The old town with its wooden houses is a cultural treasure and incredibly enough it is still inhabited. Stroll around on the cobblestone, visit any of the shops that the wooden houses accommodates and take a coffee break at Krusagården's summer café.


Gränna & Visingsö

When visiting the picturesque small town of Gränna you can see how their iconic, striped candy canes are made. Take the ferry over the lake of Vättern to the island of Visingsö after that. It only takes 25 minutes and there is a lot to admire in Visingsö's idyllic settings. Visit Visingborg's castle ruin, climb in the church tower of Kumlaby Church and go for a ride with the popular horse carriages.


Åsen's Village

Åsens by (Åsen's Village) is the first cultural reserve in Sweden and here time stopped over a houndred years ago. The village consists of three farms that show how a village in Småland could look like. Here you can stroll around in the peaceful settings and see how farming, washing and bread making was done. In the cultural reserve there are walking trails, a farm museum and a coffee cottage that offers tastes of Småland. Thereto you can go on guided tours or ride with horse and carriage. Activity days are organised in the village every now and then.


Stalpet's waterfall, café, crafts and minigolf

Stalpet's waterfall is 20 meter tall and constitutes a part of the river Svartån. It is the tallest water fall in southern Sweden. Stalpet's Café and Handcraft is situated next to the waterfall. Here you can play minigolf and enjoy a cup of coffee with cake while admiring the view. You can also shop locally made crafts such as cream cheese, ceramics, porcelain, woodcarvings and knitted products.


Stjärneborg's Museum and Pyramid

Pyramid tombs are not usually associated with Sweden and Småland but in Stjärneborg one of these can be found. It was the excentric engineer Malte Liewen Stierngranat (1871-1960) that built the seven meter tall pyramid for himself and his family with the Egyptian Pyramid of Cheops as template. He also had a castle and a museum built in the area.


Skärsjö Horse

Skärsjöhäst (Skärsjö Horse) offers rides with horse and carriage or sleigh all year round in the mystical forests of Småland. The Troll Forest trip is the shortest ride with its 1.5 hour but half day and full day rides are also available. The rides are customised after your wishes and there are possibilities to stop to pick berries and mushrooms as well as having breaks where you barbecue sausages over an open fire. Sleigh rides are offered as soon as the snow starts falling.


Tjonga Spa

Tjonga Spa is a small spa that is situated in the forests of Småland. The rural spa offers sauna, body scrub, massage baths in bubble pool and guided deep breathing. Fruit, juice, nuts and more are offered as refreshments. The spa stay can be combined with forest horse safari or a dance and drum workshop.


Haurida Forest Horse Safari

Haurida Forest Horse Safari offers trail riding on North Swedish horses. The tours go through the bewitching forests of Småland and the time length varies from about an hour to multiple days. The about two hour long ”coffee break tour” (Fikaturen) is one of the most popular. The horse herd consists of ten harmonic horses who are being ridden without horse bits and horse shoes and there are horses suitable for both accustomed and unaccustomed riders. The trail rides can be combined with a visit at Tjonga Spa.


Hike & Bike

The surroundings of Västra Karstorp invites you to long walks and we have our very own walking trail that is well marked.

If you would like to further explore the area you can choose between the Aneby trail, the Svartå trail and Around Ralången. The cirka 78 km long Aneby trail is a walking trail that crosses the whole of Aneby Municipality and which is a part of the Småland trail. The Svartå trail is a considerably shorter walking trail with its cirka 7 km and, as the name suggests, it follows the Svartå river.

You can choose to travel the cirka 25 km around the lake Ralången if you want to see the region from the bike saddle.

Skullaryd Moose Park

Get the opportunity to see moose and deer in their natural environment by going on a tractor safari in Skullaryd Moose Park. You will be able to experience the animals in very close proximity if you visit the park when the moose are being fed. Round off the trip with a visit to the park's idyllic farm cafe for a coffee and pick up a moose souvenire in the park's cosy shop.


Åsa Gård I&D

At Åsa Gård you can enjoy the lovely nature of Småland from the horse back. Here there are Icelandic horses, Tinker horses and Shetland ponys and you can choose to participate in a classic riding lesson or to come with for a riding tour in the forest. During winter you have the opportunity to try ski joring after the horse. Åsa Gård also has a wood-fired sauna by the lake.