The Farm

Västra Karstorp

Västra Karstorp is a scenic, organic farm which is affiliated with KRAV since 1995. The farm is situated close to Aneby in southern Sweden. We rent out tourist accommodation in beautiful settings and we have four self-catered lodgings for rental. Three of them are situated on the farm outside of Aneby and the fourth lies in Pukulla, which is situated about 50 km southeast of the farm, in Eksjö Municipality.

When staying with us you are welcome to take part in activities on the farm such as feeding the animals, ride tractor or collecting eggs. We have suckler cows with calves, horses, cats, chickens, ducks and pheasants.

The garden is a place of relaxation as well as play. During summers it flaunts with berries, vegetables, potatoes and herbs whilst the forest gets filled with wild berries and mushrooms. The farm also has a cabin by the lake and there is a boat, a veranda with a barbecue and a wood-fired stove. A swimming area with bathing piers can be found at Skärsjö lake about 1.5 km from the farm.

We rent out accommodation all year round and we are wishing you a warm welcome.

Lena-Britt and family



Pukulla with its crofter's cottage is situated in Eksjö Municipality, about 50 km souteast of Västra Karstorp. It is a very old village where the houses stand close together, quite similar to the Bullerby village in Astrid Lindgren's books. It is a calm, peaceful and beautiful place. Bats live under the roof of the Crofter's Cottage and during the early summer you can hear their young ones suckle. Occasionally you might spot deer.

The Pukulla lake lies a few hundred meters from the Crofter's Cottage and there is a smaller cabin with a veranda and a boat. By the lake there is also a bathing spot called Badberget (The Bathing Mountain).

The walking trail called Höglandsleden goes through the village.


See & Do

Both Västra Karstorp and Pukulla are great bases for trips to popular tourist destinations such as Astrid Lindgren's World in Vimmerby or Gränna and the island of Visingsö. Stalpet's waterfall with its café and minigolf and the cultural reserve Åsen's Village can be found close by. More information and suggestions of places to visit can be found under 'Tourism'.

We have bikes to lend if you want to take a trip to the lake or explore the close by area. We also have our very own walking trail which leads you around our farm land and lets you come close to flora and fauna.

1000 Years of History

The history of Västra Karstorp begins during the Iron Age...

Guest Video

One of our visiting families made such a nice video about their stay with us. Please do watch it.